Monday, July 11, 2011

New Web Site Launch - Behm Blueberry Farms West Olive, MI

We're proud to announce our newest web site launch for Howard & Sharon Behm at Behm Blueberry Farms located in West Olive, Michigan. Their site is jam packed with information about their local blueberries and family recipes. The site was designed to attract visitors who want to pick their own blueberries as well convey important information about their growing process for their u-pick business as well as their wholesale division.

Here's what the clients have to say about the work Creative Juice did for them: "
AMAZING! It looks so GREAT! GREAT work ... wow you truly made this painless and so QUICK! Once again thank you for doing such a fantastic job."

Check out the new website and sign up to receive e-new from Behm Blueberry Farms on the latest blueberry news and freshest recipes!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Facebook Ads Get More Impressions than Google Sponsored Ads

We are often asked if sponsored ads (pay-per-click) campaigns are worth the money. That's more than just a yes or no question - but they do have their place. But recent statistics show that Facebook sponsored ads are already getting more impressions than Google or Yahoo search ads, and social media ad spending is expected to reach over $8 billion by 2015. Twitter is just now introducing a new sponsored ads system to get a piece of this monumental pie. 

Most local companies wouldn't benefit much from social media ads, but the dollar numbers alone shed light on the validity of social media in marketing strategies for every size company. So if you've not yet entered the social media craze and wonder how valid its outreach is - its time to think again. For help with your social media, click here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Logo For Behm Blueberry Farms!

Behm Blueberry Farms is located in West Olive, Michigan. Although this family run farm has been in business since 1952, this year they took a step to update their marketing and started first with rebranding themselves with a new logo and company look.

Howard and Sharon (the owners) came to Creative Juice with a lot of ideas and hopes for their new marketing strategy. We're working step by step to launch an entire new brand for them - and it started with this logo.  Next we'll be working on a new website, business cards, social media connections and a custom blog.

Behm Blueberry Farms offers U-Pick hours to the public each harvest, but also sells their blueberries both fresh and frozen to local restaurants and grocery stores. Additionally BBF is a major supplier to Gerber, and Yoplait - so the next time you enjoy some yogurt or feed your baby gerber blueberries - think of Behm Blueberry Farms and Creative Juice!

Until we launch their new site - visit Behm Blueberry Farms on facebook:

Monday, June 6, 2011

New Web Site Launched - Van's Septic Service

We're excited to announce the launch of a new web site for Van's Septic Service in Holland, Michigan!

Van’s Septic Service has been servicing the West Michigan area septic tanks for 50+ years. Tim Greving has personally operated Van’s for 19 Years and enjoys the work as well as meeting with previous and new customers on site to answer any questions they have. Tim carries 175’ of hose on the truck and has more available to be sure he can reach your tank without having to get of the drive and disturb your lawn. When fresh water is available, Tim will always rinse your tank clean to be sure the job is complete. Usually, 1 to 2 days notice is all Van's needs for scheduling, but Tim is available for emergencies at any time! Payment at time of service is appreciated, but Van's can invoice if it is more convenient. Van's accepts cash, check, Discover, Visa and Mastercard.

Visit their website at!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Why Do I Need to Pay For A Web Site? My Kid Can Build One For Free?!

I know - I know -- your brother is "real good at computers", or your niece is in high school and she took a class on HTML. We hear it all the time. I know its tempting to not have to pay much if anything for a good web site... I get it. But you need to understand the value behind a well built, freshly designed, fully optimized and detail driven web presence. Its a harsh reality - but you get what you pay for. And as well meaning as your brother or niece are - when your website launches and it doesn't drive the business you're hoping, you'll wish you didn't have to start all over. Think about it, fine artwork is a series of colored paints, on a canvas stretched across a board. If I put paint all over the bottom of my Boston Terrier's paws and have her prance and dance all over a canvas - let it dry - then stretched it across a frame... its technically considered art. Even if I was willing to give it to you for free, would you hang it on your wall?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Why aren’t there ads for Tatoo & Piercing Parlors in Better Homes & Gardens?

When’s the last time you really studied your marketing budget and where your advertising dollars are being spent? I’ve been doing some work recently on a media plan for one of our clients and we’ve really been focused on knowing their customers, and paying attention to where their customers shop and how they buy. Its important to know your client – because when it comes to spending your advertising dollars – the absolute worst strategy is to put an ad in all the local papers, and local publications, and hope you get some traction. It’s the equivalent of taking all the money – throwing it up in the sky and hoping it lands somewhere effective.

But that is truly what I see a lot of clients doing. I think there is this common misconception that if you really narrow your target market down – to a very specific defined group – you may miss out on other potential clients. So the thought is to advertise “everywhere” and get anyone and everyone to buy your product or service. You say “yes” to local papers, you say “yes” to the person selling ads on the back of bathroom stalls, you say “yes” to the greasy spoon who run ads on their placemats, you say “yes” to the billboard and “yes” to the radio spot on Christian radio… and then your advertising dollars run out – you say “no” to everyone from then on, until the next year’s budget rolls around and you have dollars to work with again. It’s the first-come-first-serve approach to marketing – and good marketing strategy doesn’t work that way.

If you’re a hunting supplier – your target market is men, and it drills down from there. Your target market makes X amount of dollars per  year in income, they enjoy X type activities, they have X marital status, and they work X types of jobs.  You need to know your target market that well.  Are there men who buy your products who don’t fit that mold? Yep. Are there women who hunt and need your supplies? Yep. But here comes the rub… they aren’t your TARGET market. So you do NOT spend your advertising dollars to try to attract them. I know – its hard to say “no” to running ads here and there – it just seems like something will stick… but that just isn’t the case. Make your dollars WORK for you. Every dollar is pointed at a prime buyer. Trust me – the fringe customers – the ones who don’t fit your target – they will find you! Only spend your dollars where your Target Demographic is looking! That's why you'll never see a tatoo parlor advertising in Better Homes & Gardens - even though some people who have tatoos read the magazine....

Friday, May 20, 2011

Ah yes... A laminated business card...

So, I had a business meeting a week ago with a person I’d not met before – from a company I’d not worked with before. As I always do, I grabbed my briefcase while I was getting out of the car, and I made sure to have a business card in hand – so we could exchange with each other when we made first introductions. This is standard practice – I’m sure you do something similar.

Anyway, we met – we shook hands and I said, as I normally do, “Hey, I’ve got my business card here – wanted to make sure I got it to you before I forget!” and extended my hand with it. He smiled and said, “yes, right! I’ve got mine for you too!” and extended his to me. This is where the story gets good… I took the business card, and... it was laminated. TRUE STORY. The man handed me a laminated business card – or more precisely – a piece of paper that he had cut to the size of a business card – and then laminated. LAMINATED – as in – he ran it through a laminating machine?!

Ok – I’m not one to judge – alright, maybe a little – but only when it comes to standard marketing principles. Offering a laminated business card to anyone - is unacceptable marketing for yourself and for your company. Just simply don’t do it. I’d rather you tell me that you are out of business cards – I’d rather you write your info on a left over coffee cup sleeve – I’d rather you text me your phone number and email address while I stand there – then have you introduce yourself and your company by handing me something that has been heat pressed and glued in between two sheets of plastic. Because what that says about you – is that you don’t take yourself or your company any more serious than I should. Professionally printed business cards cost less than $30? Dinner at applebees for two people costs $30… If you don’t have $30 to invest in your first contact impression, then maybe its time to revisit your marketing strategy and budget.

And, while we are at it – using “vista print” is really only one step better. You have to think about what you’re actually handing someone when you had over your business card. What you’re saying is “you may not remember my face, you may not remember what we talk about here at this meeting, you may not remember why you need my services – so I’m going to give you this little piece of paper – 3 inches wide – and its going to tell you everything you need to know about me in a snapshot.” Using a build it yourself template from vista print says just that – “I think inside the box, I’m not super concerned about my brand – I just know this is free, you need my phone number, and my ink jet wont print on paper this thick.”

I’m not trying to be hard on you – I just want to push you to be better! Your brand is IMPORTANT! Every message you send out about yourself and your company – is IMPORTANT! It may cost just a bit more to have someone (use us please!) to design a business card for you – but its your leave behind!! We’ll get your brand message right – and we’ll make you look good!

Frank Jones, CCO